Mackay Regional Council MiMAPS Conditions of Use



- MiMAPS initially takes about 30 seconds to load. During this time components are loading up which enable the site to be faster after display completion.

- All Imagery and data is the most recent Mackay Regional Council have access to.

- The help guide is located within the 3rd tab at the top left of the application: 'Flood Gauge Mapping, Help and MiMAPS Contact'. This contains step by step instructions for using MiMAPS.


Please read the following conditions of use and accept or decline using the buttons above. You must accept the conditions to access the
MiMAPS data.

MiMAPS is compiled from:

Digital Cadastral Data; and

Aerial Photography

provided under licence to Mackay Regional Council by the Queensland State Government (through the Department of Natural Resources
and Mines) (the Licensed Data).

MiMAPS also contains data from other sources (Other Data). Information about the source of the data may be obtained by viewing the


1.1 MiMAPS are provided as a source of general information only. Any reliance upon the Licensed Data or Other Data is at your own
risk.Please seek appropriate independent advice or verification before proceeding on the basis of information contained in MiMAPS.

1.2 Mackay Regional Council provides no warranty in relation to MiMAPS or the Licensed Data or Other Data (including accuracy,
reliability, completeness or suitability). Mackay Regional Council accepts no liability (including without limitation, liability in
negligence) for any loss, damage or costs relating to your reliance upon or use of the Licensed Data or Other Data.
1.3 MiMAPS may contain errors. Mackay Regional Council does not represent that MiMAPS is error free.


2.1 By granting access to the Licensed Data and Other Data, Mackay Regional Council does not confer upon a user any rights of
ownership in that data.


3.1 You must not on-sell or distribute the Licensed Data or Other Data for reward to any third party, or use the data for direct
marketing, or use the data in breach of privacy laws.

'MiMAPS' was originally devised by Graham 'Smithy' Smith, Employee of Mackay Regional Council